our coffee

We take our coffee as seriously as our chai. Our espresso and single origin coffee is primarily sourced by Origin Coffee Roasters, and we rotate some stunning organic coffee by Beanberry Coffee

Our Baristas are highly trained and passionate about making our speciality coffee on our La Marzocco Linea 3 group. We dial in our coffee throughout the day to ensure perfect coffee extraction every time you come

We are proud to use the finest quality milk available, supplied by the Estate Dairy - sourced from the Chew valley in the Bristol countryside. The milk is produced from Guernsey cows which gives the milk a unique golden colour and a beautiful rich flavour. We use a variety of non-dairy milks too -including Bonsoy, Almond and Oatley oat milk

We have a wide range of coffee including some signature rare drinks - come and try our Red Cappucino, a caffeine free cappuccino made with rooibos and inspired from the founders birth place of South Africa, or our Iced muddled mint coffee with jaggery!